Why Thank??

In today's world, filled with seemingly constant negative news, Thank You Forward is an effort to be positive and reach out to people who are close to you, and whom you may have lost touch with through the years.  Saying "Thank You" can sometimes be a challenging thing to do, especially as we go about our busy day to day lives and activities.  However, saying "thanks" to the people who have either done a small favor for you or gone out of their way to go an extra mile can mean so much...

Who would you like to thank for helping you in your life?  Who helped you today, yesterday, or decades ago?  Think about your family, friends, teachers, mentors, service providers, customers and co-workers.  Pick three or more of these individuals and say "Thank You"!


"What a wonderful experience the Thank You Forward has been.  I have to tell you that once I got started I actually wrote 11 notes to the people in my life I wanted to thank.  Each note requested them to Thank You Forward to three people so there is a pretty good chain started here in Colorado!"

"I did this, the Thank You Forward to an old friend.  Like many other people, we have only kept up with each other recently through Facebook and an occasional photo email of the children.  I was able to speak with her just the other day, after I sent an email to her telling her how much I still thought of her and thanking her for her years of selfless friendship. In life, when many things can get make us feel like we are tied to the ground, it is nice to have a friend remind us that we can fly."

"It's actually funny that we are doing this now, I have to tell you why.  In May I was thinking about one of my very best friends who I had lost contact with for the last 7 years.  I was thinking about him because he is the father of my daughter and I had never told him this (outside circumstances).  We knew each other when we were very young and I was a single mother not working with only a high school education, I didn't even drive yet!  Anyways, in May of this year I thought to myself "I miss him I wonder if he is on Facebook".  So I looked and found him, it took him 4 days to respond to me (he works a lot and doesn't really get on the computer).  We immediately talked on the phone to catch up, I wanted to thank him for being there for me all those years ago and that I took his advise and was making something of myself and finally enrolled in college and was getting a degree to boot.  After our conversation he stopped by to see my daughter Kaitlin (who by the way looks like him), and they immediately bonded like a father and daughter should.  He has now become an active part of her life and is again a friend in mine.  It is an awesome feeling!  So this has inspired me to search for a few of my other friends who I miss from my life unfortunately I am not having the same luck with them in finding them but it is a start.
I believe that our friends shape us into part of who we are today and it is important to keep up with them, keep them next to our heart even if they are next to us.  I cherish all of my close friends that were "true friends" in my life and am hoping that one day I can thank all of them for touching my life in one way or another."



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