Poems of Thanks

Repaying Thankfulness

Thanks for helping and being there
For showing me such loving care.
I know you′d be there yet again?
If ever I needed you the same.

Sincere thanks to you I relay
If I can ever help you in any way,
Then please don′t hesitate or waiver
I′d appreciate repaying the favour

Good deeds are surely in the giving,
People like you make life worth living.
Thanks for helping and being there
For showing me such loving care.

- Chris

Thanks For Always Being There!

The world is moving faster now;
We're on a changing course.
But you have helped me deal with life;
You've been a stable force.
When I have had to follow;
New directions, you were there.
When the world was hard on me;
You always seemed to care.
When nothing held together;
Made the slightest bit of sense.
You have always helped restore;
My inner confidence.
Everyone needs someone;
Who's reliable and true.
Through the moments I've endured;
I'm grateful there was you.
Thanks For Always Being There!


Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare.

- James Russell Lowell

A Warm Thanks

When winter winds bring Frostbiteus
or we get Mondayiteus
warm thoughts always just seem to drift away.

Some people try to incite us
with bigotry despite us
being righteous in every kind of way,

But Poets will always write us
some words to enlighten us,
that brightens up the colour of our day.

So that s why I d like thank you,
because it s people like you
who make the world a better place today.

- Paul McCann


How can I say thank you each day as sometimes days just slip away.
And I say thats ok.

Thanks for trying to understand who I am and the things I do
And I give thanks today.

Thanks for the mystery of life and for the times we share each day.
And sometimes I will say.

Thank you more and more each day as we go through life along our way
In thankfulness I pray.

- Paul McCann

Thank You…

A lot of kindness...
A lot of warmth...
A lot of caring...
A lot of loving...

What else is there,
In your heart you have not shared?
You have touched lives
In so many special ways.

We are speechless...
With nothing left to say
But... thank you...

- M.D.K.